MobiPocket (Kindle) Conversion Services

Mobipocket is one of the foremost eBook formats based on the Open eBook stipulation. It is insecurely based on HTML 3.2 and includes some unique formatting necessities.

Kindle Fire and KF8 Conversion Services

Extensive information in the arena of eBook conversion has enabled Dataentryoutsource2india suggest low cost kindle conversion services. Our experts are completely adept at converting any multifaceted format files and transforming it into thrilling and improved Kindle Fire format.

The team at Dataentryoutsource2india can implement most complex Kindle Format 8 conversion projects for scalable vector graphics, sidebars, callouts, nested tables, numbered lists, fixed layouts, drop caps etc.

What Makes Mobipocket Format Perfect for EBooks?

  • Compatible with different reading platforms like Mobipocket Reader on Windows PCs, Blackberrys, Symbian smartphones, and Windows-based smartphones, with the Kindle and a few other eBook devices.
  • Compliant with open standards such as OEB and XHTML
  • Is a protected format as it implements the Digital Rights Management System ensuring safety from copyrights

Mobipocket is as well one of the leading eBook formats based on the Open eBook qualifications. Dataentryoutsource2india Technologies has excellent skill in Kindle/Mobipocket conversions. Our team recognize your raw files in any formats such as Indesign/Microsoft word/Text PDF/Scanned PDF format. We as well deliver our client's input in .ePub, .mobi, .azw, .prc, .lit formats upon their request delivering results within the deadline. Our effort is to give our customers an accurate copy of their needs.

Mobipocket reader is a software developed by a French company known as Mobipocket. It is an e-Book reader for PDA’s, Smart Phones, Desktop computers etc. It is as well supported by Kindle and some other e-book reading devices. It is a foremost e-book format based on the open e-book qualifications. It is insecurely based on HTML and includes some exclusive formatting necessities. It is alike to the kindle (.azw) format with a slightly different formatting scheme. In the present situation e-books are becoming extremely popular day by day, their by increasing the e-book publishing necessities in Mobipocket format.

Our Mobipocket conversion service includes:

  • Word to Mobipocket conversion
  • Excel to Mobipocket conversion
  • PDF to Mobipocket conversion
  • InDesign to Mobipocket conversion
  • HTML to Mobipocket conversion
  • Printed books to Mobipocket conversion
  • Quark XPress to Mobipocket conversion

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