Icon and Favicon Graphics

Favicon (short for Favorites Icon) is a feature that creates it possible to connect a special logo or other small graphic with a web page.

The favicon is frequently displayed next to the web site address. Much like the way shortcut icons are used on the computer desktop to differentiate computer programs and files, favicons can be used to personalize or brand your web sites.FavIcon from Pics is an online tool that can produce a favicon from a picture, logo or other graphic of any size/resolution. It was also the first online tools that make simpler the creation of favicons using a regular image without requiring manual edits.

How to Create a "Favicon.ico" File

  • Create an image 16X16 pixels in size. Yes, it is actually small and you can't really draw much in it. You must also confine yourself to the standard Windows 16 colours, although I suspect that 256 colours will work fine.If you like, you can also create a 32X32 pixel icon, which will be scaled to size for the Favorites menu and the location bar. You can even put both 16X16 and 32X32 pixel icons into the same icon file. Windows will use the former for its menus and the latter when the user opens up a folder that is set to display big icons. It's possibly not really essential to do this if you can't be bothered.
  • Save the image as an ICO file.
  • Upload it to your website. You don't require to upload one to every directory of your site if you don't want to waste space - just put it in your root directory and the web browsers that support favicons will actually locate it finally. You can also upload it into your images directory, but you will require modifying your web pages if you do.

The hardest part of creating a favicon is coming up with a very small – 16 x 16 pixels – square graphic that identifies or represents your store. Some people use the early letter or letters of their store name in the colors, font and/or style of the logo. Others create a graphic icon that visually captures the look of the store. The potential are endless – just keep it easy.

If your graphics application lets it, you can use a transparent background – the ICO format permits transparent pixels and lets the browser background colors show through when uploaded.

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