Generating MIS / Reporting for various functions of an organization

One of the most significant functions of management is decision making. Comprehensive decision making assistances attain organizational goals. Operative decision making calls for timely, complete and relevant information. A management information system (MIS) is a computerized system that is designed to offer this information.

MIS, or management information systems, are used to accomplish the data generated within the structure of a specific business. These systems store the data and allow the business to operate, analyze and compile the data through the use of software applications. Reports and analysis pulled from an information system can help in the directing, planning and decision making requirements of managers.

Management information structures offer a central location in which to store and manage the information from. The structure or system is fed through people (employees, vendors, suppliers, customers) who input (provide) the data and output the data (generating reports and disseminating the data). Software and hardware supply the equipment required to process, store and control access to the data. Business rules (how production cost is figured, formulas for vacation time, in what way accounts payable are processed for payment) commandin what way the software should operate. specializes in providing excellent Management information services on Data Entry, Data Processing, Document Scanning Services, Data Conversion service, E-Publishing service, XML Tagging service, Online Data Extraction, Image Editing/Graphic Support, Order Processing, Catalog Processing and lots more with high quality and very affordable price.

The Responsibilities of MIS to Management Functions

Management Information Systems (MIS) is usually a department within companies that supports other departments with their technology requirements. This significant function offers information to other departments such as accounting, marketing, human resources and operations. MIS also offers electronic records and support and deliver reports, forms, information and computer support for your organization. Distinctive outputs include accounting documents, human resource system documentation and marketing analysis reports.

MIS has numerous responsibilities to the accounting function. Payroll processing and reporting, as well as tax accountability are main functions for the MIS department. In addition, all reporting and documentation for payroll and tax matters fall to MIS. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting to management are also significant duties for MIS. Compliance with all federal, state and local agencies, as well as reports to both governmental agencies and management are also vital for your MIS department.


Management information systems have changed the dynamics of running businesses proficiently. Reorganization is one of the biggest advantages; it allows monitoring of operations at low levels and frees up resources for departmental managers to devote time to strategic activities. Coordination of specified projects and activities is much better and decision makers in the organization are aware of issues and problems in all departments. Another advantage of MIS is that it minimizes information overload, which can be quite common with conventional businesses in the modern era.


Depending on organization deployment, usage and inessential factors, some disadvantages related to Management Information Systems can come to the fore. Allocation of budgets for MIS upgrades, alterations and other revisions can be quite tricky at times. If budgets are not allocated consistently or as per immediate necessities, key functionalities may get affected and benefits may not be appreciatedreliably. Integration issues with legacy systems can affect the quality of output and vital business intelligence reports.

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