First level document review

First level document review is a regular part of the discovery phase of litigation. The legal "Request for Production of Documents” is the means for first level document review, the early review phase that narrow documents down to a receptive and workable data set for later review by senior employees.

The most important purpose of first level document review is to establish whether or not documents pertaining to a exact case are 'responsive' or 'non-responsive'.

During litigation, law firm combines, contract attorneys and paralegal teams might review thousand or millions of documents to identify whether or not they are:

  • Appropriate
  • Confidential
  • Advantaged/protected
  • "Key" or "hot"

The Document Review Process must be simple, right? Writers and editors work together as a team, review special parts of the document, revise what requires to be changed, and then get it signed off. In theory, thats how it works. In actuality, it's more difficult. Let's look at some of the barriers to reviewing documents efficiently.

The Document Review Process is a framework for reviewing business, legal, and technical documents in a more prearranged, process-driven manner. For example, the process of document reviews might consist of measures for conducting interviews, peer reviews, and walk-throughs of how the subject matter works. The procedure of reviewing documents also involves setting up guidelines, samples, and best practices for other document reviewers involved in writing, editing, and proofing documentation.

What happens through initial document review?

In this phase of litigation, documents pass through five exact review steps:

1. Benefit Review: Are the documents subject to the “attorney/client” benefit as defined by client/lawyer rules?

2. Relevancy / Responsiveness Review: Are the documents connected to the discovery request?

3. Topic Matter Review: Are the documents related to an exacting issue?

4. Summarizations: Highlight and examine significant points of complex documents or sets of document, including Deposition Summaries

5. Other E-Discovery Support executed as required for high volume or complex document projects

The document review report is the result of the document review process. This offers the input for deciding the next step in the lifecycle of the document you have analyzed. The review process is then superior based on feedback received during the review from others members of the Peer Review team and others involved in the project. There’s always a ‘trial and error’ period when approval new technologies. We like to explore what works for us, identify new processes, and use it as frequently as possible. Document collaboration is no different.

The process of reviewing documents - whether offline or online - benefits from a structured review framework. This lets you to progress the review workflow, identify steps, communication better with the peer review team, and make sure that the excellence of your documents (business, legal, and technical) are superior during this process. It’s all about making a starting, defining goals you can measure (for example, turnaround times for reviews), and hopeful others to use the tools. Once you do this, you can tweak the workflow, share lessons learned, and make it easier for others to contribute.

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