Data entry of credit and debit memo

Debit Memo Entry and Credit Memo Entry together programs essentially activate accurately the similar and create the similar outcomes. The alteration in the two programs is in the clarification of their procedure. The credit must remain entered in the system by Credit Memo Entry. When a credit is issued within by your firm, this is deliberated a debit memo. This credit must be entered in the system through Debit Memo Entry. Equally programs reduce Accounts Payable, debiting the Accounts Payable account and crediting the entered expenditure supplies. Together programs decrease the sellers balance payable. The entry of credit memos will remain abundant more mutual than debit memos.

Since of the operationand consequence similarities the documentation of Credit and Debit Memo Entry are combined. The simply change in the programs is that the stimulates will recognize whether you are in Debit or Credit Memo Entry, and the finale result is the conception of whichever a credit memo or a debit memo.

A credit or debit memo can be openly functional to an open Accounts Payable invoice. If the invoice than nets to zero, the invoice and credit/debit memo is eliminated through End of Month Processing. If it is a incomplete credit memo, the credit can be used through Accounts Payable Check Writing. An open or not applied credit or debit memo may also be shaped. This can then be used through Accounts Payable Check Writing.

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