Copy Editing Services

Copy editing is the work that an editor does to progress the formatting, style, and accuracy of text. Not like general editing, copy editing may not involve changing the substance of the text. Copy refers to written or typewritten text for typesetting, printing, or publication. Copy editing is done before both typesetting and proofreading, the latter of which is the last step in the editorial cycle.

Naturally, copy editing includes correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, jargon, and semantics, and confirming that the text follows to the publisher's style or an external style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook. Copy editors might shorten the text, to improve it or to fit length limits. This is chiefly so in periodical publishing, where copy must be cut to fit a particular layout, and the text changed to confirm there are no "short lines".,

Dataentryoutsource2india copyeditors are well trained in both language editing and technical editing obligatorythrough the publisher, based on the necessity of publishers of journals and books.

Dataentryoutsource2india Business Solutions "Five Cs" recapitulates the copy editing job: make the copy (a) Clear, (b) Correct, (c) Concise, (d) Comprehensible, and (e) Consistent; that is: make it say what it means, and mean what it says.

dataentryoutsource2india Business Solutions copy editors includes in correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, terminology, mathematics, and timelines, jargon, and semantics; ensuring that the typescript follows to the publisher's house style; and adding headlines and standardized headers, footers, etc.

Dataentryoutsource2india Business Solutions copy editors thoroughly follow a publisher’s house style sheet or otherwise, generate their own style sheet and apply copy editing best practice and good judgment to achieve aesthetic consistency and accurateness throughout a publication.

Our standard copy editing functions comprise corrections for:

  • Spelling, containing British to American English
  • Grammar, containingrestating sentences throughnon-English-speaking authors
  • References and footnotes, for technical accurateness and placement of certifications
  • Captioning to match figures and tables, and type-marking for mathematics
  • Reliability, to confirm that author usage and all elements of a manuscript are appropriatelyobtainable.

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