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However the Internet is often seen as having the biggest impact on publishing since the printing press, DTP, or desktop publishing, has also had an enormous impact on society. It has given millions of people the opportunity to produce and print professional looking magazines, brochures, booklets, pamphlets newsletters, and leaflets. It has also allowed writers and poets to not only write their own work but to publish it too.

Using DTP to generate a document is simple enough, and this has been the case subsequently the advent of desktop publishing. In 1985, the first DTP software appeared. Created by Aldus, it also had the benefit of being WYSIWYG. As DTP programs became more cultured, the ease of use remained. When creating DTP documents, there are frequent fonts to select from, and the user is assisted through the uniformity of DTP programs when it comes to adjusting text size and margins.

Being able to import images into a document is another notable achievement of DTP. This is of enormous benefit to people who produce any printed matter which only has a small print run. Prior to DTP, they would have had to use the cut and paste method, or if using a duplicator, used a template. DTP allows for the simplest graphic or a color photograph that is in fine detail to be imported into a document.

Computer printers transformed publishing around the world. Not only could home computer users print black and white photographs and artwork, they could print color as well. Anyone with a home computer, DTP software and a printer could now be their own publishing house -- although on a small scale. The speed at which a printer prints a DTP document means allows hundreds of leaflets, for example, to be printed in less than an hour.

In addition to text, photographs and art, DTP is also used for design determinations. This area of DTP is normally one that experienced users exploit. Some easy but imposing designs can be created with shapes and fills, but the more difficult effects take a greater degree of skill to use. With the combination of text, images and design, even a modest DTP program now makes creating an impressive document achievable for beginners and professionals alike.

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